About this site

ThePyramid.info is the only website dedicated to detailing the composition and structure of non-League football in England. In addition, the site also includes links to official league sites, and any related infomation that may be of use or interest to vistors.

The orgins of this date back to around March 2002, and a conversation with a schoolfriend about the feeders into the Conference. This lead me to discover that there was no satisfactory website on the structure of the non-League pryramid. However, one site gave a skeleton of the higher levels, which was fleshed out into a private webpage. (This page subsequently became the single page structure). A printout from 22nd March 2002 lists 92 leagues. Since that time, after much conslutation of league websites, and many emails, the page has expanded to list over 500 leagues. The site went live in October 2002, and has grown considerably in scope and reach since this time.

The site was intially written using the text editor Notepad, and for most pages this is still the case. However, the principle pages on the site (the pages showing the pyramid structure and the two league indexes) became too cumbersome to update manually. Consequently, a database was created using MS Excel, containing all the leagues' details, and which produced the HTML code for those four pages. Later on, the Excel file was used to populate a database on the site, and this data used to generate content using server-side scripting. (VB and ASP, for the record).

As this site is entirely my work, I feel that I am justified in stating a little bit about myself. I graduated in 2006 with an MMath from the University of Durham, and work in Toronto, Canada as a Transportation Consultant. Aside from writing websites like this one, I have obscure hobbies such as backgammon and church bell ringing. I have a blog named Random Blocks that covers all my non-Pyramid interests.

I hope you find my site interesting and informative, and if you have any questions, corrections or comments, please email me at tom@thepyramid.info

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