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James M. Ross: The Pyramid Provides lots of info on the history of the various leagues. Provided the inspiration for this site.
Tony Kempster's Football Site - FA Competitions, Fixtures, Results & Tables...
Football Club History Database Gives stats on every football club ever (pretty much).
The Non-League Paper: The definitive site for up-to-the-minute results.
English Non-League Archive Loads of history on the conference and its feeders, as well on the various cup contests
Sportsmen An intigueing site about non-league football in general.
Non-league.net Good for links to clubs' sites.

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e-soccer : the central directory for English football on the net


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The following are all 100% genuine comments made about this site. Their inclusion is a bit tongue-in-cheek, especially the non-English ones. In addition to comments detailed below, I have also been mentioned a lot on various Korean football sites. I've not inlcuded these, because you would have to download a language pack to view them, and I dont know anyone who speaks Korean to provide a translation.

  • Eastbourne Borough FC official website: Superbly detailed site for anyone wanting to know more about the complexities of the Non League game in the UK
  • Pyramid Passion: A mind-boggling site by Tom Willis, and an invaluable resource
  • 'Colmenar63' (an Arsenal fan), of Gunners4Ever discussion forums: WOW!! Has anybody ever seen this? It kind of makes you appreciate being in second place overall.
  • 'QPR Kevin H' of BigSoccer Boards forum: ...here's the whole incredible pyramid
  • 'bettermirror' of The Voyageurs Canadian Soccer Supporters forums: WOW!
  • 'parkerspiece' of Football Ground Guide forums ... found this ace table while looking for teams promoted to the football league..its got all of them back to the leagues conception, including teams dropping out (and what happened to them)
  • '(TxT)' of BigSoccerBoards forums: It's pretty much every league in England and which league gets promoted to another
  • 'South Bank' of Football Ground Guide forums: This site is great for info
  • 'Lincoln_Exile' of the FMTTM Messageboard: A factual treat for fans of the league layout in this great country
  • 'Kynson' of the Carlisle United FC forum from footymad.net: Oooh, pretty!!
  • 'BigBadVoodooDaddy' of the (American) Arenafootbal forums: it's even bigger than you think
  • 'der_Hildener' of the (German) Das MeisterTrainer Forum Nur was für England Spezialisten [One for people who are English football specialists]
  • 'Thema' of the (German) bundesligaforen forum: Bin beim Surfen im Web gerade auf eine Übersicht gestoßen, die einem zumindest hilft, die Struktur der einzelnen Ligen nachzuvollziehen [I was surfing when I suddenly found a website that helps you comprehend the national league structure]
  • Uk Soccer links on the (German) thefootballtribune.de: Ligastrukturen des englischen Fussballs. [The league structure of English football]
  • 'Willi' of the (German) Wappencommunity discussion boards: Eine sehr gute Übersicht über das komplizierte englische Liga-System findet Ihr hier. [Here you will find a very good overview of the complicated English league system]
  • 'El Lunko' of the (Swedish) svenskafans.com site: Kanske kan denna sida ge dig svar. Tryck på "clubs" så kan du se åtminstone hur toppen fungerar. [Maybe this page can give you the answers. Click on "clubs" and you can at least see how it works for the top']
  • 'undesueca2002' of the (Spainish) Seucca United FC forums: Este sitio web da una buena explicación de la pirámide de fútbol inglesa. [This website gives a good explanation of the English football pyramid]
  • 'Busby-babes' of the (French) Forum MUFC France: Tient, si tu veux te faire une idée des divisions dans laquelle joue les équipes que nous allons affronter [Go here if you want to get an idea of the leagues of the teams we will be playing]
  • 'Satyr' of the (Dutch) Voetball International forums: Leuke site, maar echt logisch ziet het er niet uit [nice site but it doesn't make much sense]
  • 'eston maravilha' of the (Estonian) Soccernet.ee forums: inglise liigapüramiid. selle kohta on ka eraldi teema kuskil siin. ei viitsi otsida

    (accurate translations would be apreciated)

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