Projects and plans

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Current projects

Update current clubs in ClubBase

The new season means many clubs have moved leagues, or even ceased to exist. The

Confirmation of feeders (or lack thereof)

Every league that could be contacted has been emailed, and the vast majoirty have replied. HOwevere, I am still awaiting replies from a handful, and I haven't yet been able to contact several more.
  • Totals: 133 leagues; 122 (91%) confirmed; 11 (9%) unconfirmed
  • Awaiting replies from: 2004 Hampshire League Bristol & District League, Dorset Premier League, East Riding Amateur League, North Hertfordshire League, Sheffield and Hallamshire County Senior League, West Lancashire League, York & District League
  • No email known: Tyneside Amateur League, Hounslow & District League
  • No website: Newcastle Corinthians League, North Gloucestershire League

Add remaining clubs to ClubBase.

At the time of writingClubBase has 1,903 (28%) of the estimated 6,700 clubs that play in a pyramid league on the database. The task of adding clubs is a slow, chiefly because most league websites do not provide the post codes of grounds. This job is on hold until the clubs already in the database have been updated for the new season.

Future plans & projects

  1. Consdier adding the facilty for users to download KML files containing markerws for all the club for any given division (or league).
  2. Go through Woman's pyramid to check for additional feeders (I know some are absent).
  3. Convert sites to use Style Sheets and HTML 4.01 Strict.
  4. Welsh Pyramid
  5. Update League Ratings for 2005/6 and 2006/7 seasons, and full results set for 2001/2 season.

Leagues to find more info about

  • Midland League - (Step 7, probably feeds Midland Alliance)
  • Worthing & District League - (Step 7, presumably feeds Sussex County) - on YellowJersey, emailed 02/05/2006
  • Possible Wearside Lge feader: Cumberland County League.
  • East Lancs Lge... not on site - "has divs 1 & 2, plus reserves div(s) fed by Blackburn Combination, Burnley & District and Craven League"
  • Furness Lge... not on site - "no feeders, has a Prem and Div 1"
  • Lancs & Cheshire Am Lge - (http://www.landc.velnet.co.uk/) has divs Prem, 2, 3 and feeds Manchester Lge. Some teams have joined from the Stockport League is recent seasons but no real feeders.
  • Preston & District - this has become a strong league so teams have tended to join it from the Southport & District(which has no feeders) and Wigan & Dist (again no feeders)
  • Stockport Lge - no feeders but feeds Manchester or Mid Cheshire Lges. "Less ambitious teams tend to join Lancshire & Cheshire Amateur League"
  • West Herts League (feeds Herts Senior County) - www.whfa.leaguemanager.biz

NOTE TO SELF: North Herts = North Hertfordshire; North Hants = North Hampshire; Northants = Northamptonshire

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