Structure of The Pyramid from 2006/7

This page shows the top nine levels of the pyramid from 2006/7

1. FA Barclaycard Premiership (20)
2. Coca-cola Championship (24)
3. Coca-cola League One (24)
4. Coca-cola League Two (24)
5. Nationwide Conference: National Division (24)
6. Nationwide Conference: North Division (22) 6. Nationwide Conference: South Division (22)
7. Northern Premier League: Premier Division (22) 7. Isthmian League: Premier Division (22) 7. Southern League: Premier Division (22)
8. Northern Premier League: 1st Division (22) 8. Isthmian League: North Division (22) 8. Isthmian League: South Division (22) 8. Southern League: Midlands Division (22) 8. Southern League: South Division (22)
Twelve of the following fourteen leagues:
North West Counties | Northern Counties East | Northern League | Hellenic League | Western League | Wessex League | Midland Alliance | Eastern Counties | Combined Counties | Essex Senior | Kent League | United Counties | Spartan South Midlands | Sussex County

(**) Denotes that this league has (or will have) ** clubs


The main change for the 2006/06 season was the increase in the number of level leagues from four to five - two each with 22 clubs feeding into the Southern League Premier Division and Isthmian League Premier Division, and one with 24 clubsfeeding into the Northern Premier League Premier Division. The orginal plans for the 2006 re-structuring featured 6 leagues at level 8 - with Northern Premier League having North and Midlands divisions, instead of a single 1st Division. The orginal plans also had level 8 leagues containing 20 clubs instead of 22/24. The FA plans to implement the sixth level 8 division at some indefinate point in the future, possibly reducing the nuimber of clubs to 20 per division at the same time.

The other change that took place for the 2006/06 season was the abolition of the Isthmian 2nd Division, reducing the number of level 9 leagues fomr 15 to 14. This is part of longer term plans to reduce the number of level 9 leagues form 15 to 12, two per level 8 league.


The following maps shows the rough geographical distribution of the old and new level seven and eight leagues by county. I have used the location of member clubs, based on infomation provided on Tony Kempster's site. I have shown versions for btoh five and six level 8 leagues.
Level 7 2005/06 Level 7 2006/07

Level 8 2005/06 Level 8 2006/07

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