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Old Newton United
Post CodeIP14 4ED
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LeagueSuffolk & Ipswich League (details)
DivisionSenior Division (all clubs)
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Pyramid place - Full structure
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Wikipedia articleClub below level 10
Season correct for2012/13
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O & G United
Oadby Boys Club
Oadby Royal British Legion 93
Oadby Town
Oakengates Athletic
Oakengates Rangers
Oakham United
Oakham United A
Oakham United Reserves
Oakley Reserves
Oakley Sports M&DH
Oakley Sports M&DH Reserves
Oakley United
Oaksey Reserves
Odcombe Reserves
Odd Down
Odd Down 'A'
Odd Down Reserves
Offord United
Offwell Rangers
Offwell Rangers Reserves
Okeford United
Okeford United Reserves
Okeford Utd Reserves
Okehampton Argyle
Okehampton Argyle Reserves
Old Altrinchamians
Old Altrinchamians Reserves
Old Atrinchamians 'A'
Old Barkabbeyans
Old Blackburnians
Old Blackburnians 'A'
Old Blackburnians 'B'
Old Blackburnians Reserves
Old Boltonians
Old Boltonians 'A'
Old Boltonians 'B'
Old Boltonians Reserves
Old Boys Clapham
Old Bradwell United
Old Bromelians
Old Bromleians
Old Centralians
Old Chelmsfordians
Old Cliftonians
Old Cothamians
Old Cothamians Reserves
Old Crown Weston
Old Elizabethans
Old Farnboronians
Old Farnboronians Reserves
Old Georgians
Old Georgians Reserves
Old Hastonians
Old Headingley
Old Headingley Thirds
Old Holts
Old Holts Reserves
Old Malton St Marys
Old Mancunians
Old Mancunians 'A'
Old Mancunians 'B'
Old Mancunians Reserves
Old Modernians
Old Newton United
Old Newton United 'A'
Old Oakmeadians
Old Oakmeadians Reserves
Old Parmiterians
Old Plymouthians
Old Richians
Old Richians 'A'
Old Richians Reserves
Old Roan
Old Rutlishians
Old Salesians
Old Sodbury
Old Sodbury Reserves
Old Southendian
Old Town United
Old Town United Reserves
Old Town Wanderers
Old Varndeanians
Old Varndeanians 'A'
Old Varndeanians Reserves
Old Windsor
Old Windsor Reserves
Old Woodstock Town
Old Xaverians
Old Xaverians 'A'
Old Xaverians Reserves
Old Zoological

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