Suffolk & Ipswich League

Level: 11 (top division's level)
Sponser: Touchline
Divisions:- Senior Division
-- Division 1
--- Division 2
---- Division 3
----- Division 4
------ Division 5
------- Division 6
Feeds into:Eastern Counties League
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Teams in Senior Division

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Club Website Post code
FCHD Season
AchillesIP2 9BA2012/13
Capel PloughIP9 2XS2012/13
CoplestoniansIP4 5HD2012/13
Crane SportsIP1 6LE2012/13
East Bergholt UnitedCO7 6TP2012/13
Felixstowe UnitedIP10 0PW2012/13
GrundisburghIP13 6TJ2012/13
Haughley UnitedIP14 3RA2012/13
Ipswich AthleticIP2 8RE2012/13
Ipswich ExilesIP5 1DE2012/13
Ipswich Valley Rangers2012/13
Leiston St Margaret2012/13
Melton St AudrysIP12 1LX2012/13
Old Newton UnitedIP14 4ED2012/13
Stanton [Suffolk]IP31 2BX2012/13
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