Promotion to/Relegation from the Football League

This page aims to show the complete history of admission to the Football League. The term "Football League" is take to include the Premiership. You can view full details by year, or full details by club

Some facts

This page would simply have been impossible without the help of There's a lot there, including detailed club histories.

The following table summarises the reasons why a club left or joined the League.
Joining Reasons Leaving Reasons
Founding Member 12 Expelled 1
Division 2 Creation 12 Not re-elected 40
Division 3 Creation 22 Relegated* 19
Division 3N Creation18 Resigned 12
Elected 48 Total 72
Expansion 24
Promoted 19 Totals
Replacement 9 Clubs in 164
Total: 164 Clubs out 72
Clubs in League 92
*Please note that the word "relegated" is used on the other related sections to mean not re-elected or relegated. I intend to change this soon, so that things are consistant with the above table.

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