The LeagueMap enables you to see the geographic coverage of a particular league or group of leagues. Simply select the relevant initial letter, league and division from the three drop-down lists below, and then click the "Show" button. Additional leagues can be shown by clicking the "Add" button. In both cases, the marker colour can also be chosen from the drop-down list.
After the map has changed, you will see markers for each of the division's member clubs. Clicking a marker (or the team's name in the list) will bring up an infomation box above the marker. For further details, see underneath the map.
Intital letter League name Division Marker colour
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The main work for this page consists of compiling details (post code and website) of every single team in every single division in every single league in the Pyramid. At the time of writing, details of over 1,300 teams from 75 divisions (roughly one fifth of all known teams) have been added. All divisions at level 10 or above have been addedm and the most recent addition were the three divisions of the West Yorkshire League. If you wish to help, then simply send an email listing all clubs in some division, along with the post code of each team's ground, and website (if any).

If the post code of a club is not known, then it will not appear on the list of clubs, nor on the map itself. It is hoped that soon such clubs will appear in the list of clubs. An additional feature that is being slowly rolled out is the ability to display of certain groups of divisions (e.g. all the divisions in a league, or all the divisions at a given level) from a single click - see the Kent County League for an example. Apart from this, there are currently no extra feaures planned. If you have any ideas, suggestions or comments, then send an email.

It is possible to link directly to a division's map, and users are more than welcome to do so. A page will be created soon that will include such links, but until then, just send an email if you want a particular division's link. Screen-shots of maps produced by visitors to this page may freely be used in discussion forums as a means of illustrating a point, provided that an appropriate acknowledgement and link is given. For any other usage, please send an email to the address at the bottom of the page.

There is one minor issue with the page as it stands - Internet Explorer users may find that the page status (bottom left corner) reads "done, but with errors on page". This is caused by IE not dealing with the XML data properly, and can be dealt with by clearing out any tempory interent files (Tools -> Internet Options -> click "Delete Files" button). For those interested, the page uses the GoogleMaps API, coupled with a lot of Javascript, with the data coming from an ASP file that produces XML for the required division. The cascading drop-down lists are also done via Javascript.

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