Structure of The Pyramid: Levels 1-9

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This page shows the top nine levels of the pyramid. Clicking on league titles in blue will give you details of the pyramid below that league; clicking on league titles in black takes you to the offical league site.

In order to help indiacte the rough geographical coverage of each level 9 league, the counties covered league are given. The 43 County Football Associations have used to provide the list of counties. Where county-wide leagues exsist, the relevant county is given in normla type face under the level 9 league the county league (ultimately) feeds into. Counties shown in italics do not have county-wide leagues, but have been placed using leagues within that county. Ten counties (Cumberland, Derbyshire, Herefordshire, Huntingdonshire, Lincolnshire, London, North Riding, Shropshire, Westmorland and Worcestershire) are not listed - this is due to lack of definate information. See also the maps at the bottom of this page.

The LeagueMap page show the geographic coverage of a league or leagues throughout the pyramid.

1. FA Barclaycard Premiership (20)
2. Coca-cola Championship (24)
3. Coca-cola League One (24)
4. Coca-cola League Two (24)
5. Nationwide Conference: National Division (24)
6. North Division (22) 6. South Division (22)
7. (Unibond) Northern Premier
League: Premier Division
8. Division 1 (24)
9. North West Counties
Liverpool, Manchester, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Lancashire

9. Northern Counties East
Sheffield & Hallamshire, East Riding, West Riding, Nottinghamshire

9. Northern League
Co. Durham, Northumberland

7. Southern League:
Premier Division
8. Midlands
8. South & West Division (22)
9. Midland Alliance
Birmingham, Leicestershire & Rutland

9. Spartan South Midlands

9. United Counties
Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire

9. Hellenic League
Oxfordshire, Berks & Bucks

9. Wessex League
Dorset, Hampshire

9. Western League
Gloucestershire, Somerset,
Wiltshire, Devon, Cornwall

7. (Ryman) Isthmian League:
Premier Division
8. Division 1 North (22) 8. Division 1 South (22)
9. Eastern Counties
Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk

9. Essex Senior

9. Combined Counties
Middlesex, Surrey

9. Kent League

9. Sussex County

(**) Denotes that this league has have ** clubs

League maps

The following map shows the rough geographical distribution of the level six, seven, eight and nine leagues by county. For the level nine map, I looked at which level nine league a given county-wide league feeds into. The paler areas are my personal best guess for the county, due to lack of more concrete infomtaion. For the level seven and eight maps, I have used the location of member clubs, based on infomation provided on Tony Kempster's site. These are strictly meant as a rough guide only, as the the borders are not fixed.
The LeagueMap has more detailed versions of these maps available, as well as maps of leagues at other levels.
Level 6 Level 7
Level 8 Level 9

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