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Details of composition and structure of non-League football in England, from The Conference to county leagues, plus links to official league sites and more.
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Welcome to The Pyramid.info, the definitive guide to the English non-League football pyramid. This site was created to show exactly how non-League football is structured in England, as no such resource exsisted anywhere else on the internet. It also provides links to league sites, and a host of other features and statistics related to non-League football. The main work in progress is confirming details for a handful of leagues, and continued work on the LeagueMap. Longer term plans include creataing an extensive club database, and providing details of the Welsh pyramid. See projects and plans for details.

What is 'The Pyramid?'

"The Pyramid" is the name given to the multitude of English football leagues connected by promotion/relegation arrangements, including the Premiership and Football League. The system allows clubs to potentially start in local leagues and rise all the way top tier of English football, the Premiership.
The name springs from the fact that most of the leagues have several leagues which promote into them. This produces a system such that the lower down a club is, the more local their league, and the lower their travel costs. As you rise higher, the requirements for the grounds become more stringent, and hence more expensive. The crucial thing is that allows clubs to go from the very bottom to League status, providing they have sufficient means. Several clubs have done this, most notably Wimbledon, who were able to reach the Premiership.
If you have any further questions, have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Accuracy of Infomation

All information in this site has been collected from the FA, from official league or club websites, or from league officials. I work on the assumption that all leagues have feeders, until I can confirm otherwise.
Should you spot any sort of error, or have any potentially useful information, the please email at Tom@thePyramid.info.
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